Limitless Banking
CIBL at the forefront of Innovation

CIBL is the Investment Bank of the Future

Offshore Banking out of Labuan, Malaysia,
Commerce International Bank (Labuan) Limited is embracing the future, combining the traditions and discipline of institutional banking with the innovative world of Fintech.

Investment Banking

Supporting various corporations, institutions and organizations by providing strategic advice, capital raising, fund management and risk management expertise

Innovative Fintech

Financial technology is new tech that seeks to improve and automate the delivery and use of financial services. ​​​New ways of doing things , new markets.

Blockchain Economy

Blockchain economy is the move toward cryptocurrencies and digital ledger systems, and away from traditional national fiat currencies and legacy ledgers.

Our products simply provide the quality of being clear.

The world has gotten smaller , yet more complex. Barriers to trade and commerce have gone down significantly and yet it remains. Raising money on a global scale is possible , but only to the knowledgeable few.

CIBL helps you navigate this new world of international commerce.

Our Clients Profile

The Traditionalist

Companies and Institutions that want to seek advise and partnership on how to grow their business by tapping international sources of funding.

The Revivalist

Companies and institutions seeking to adopt Islamic Finance and fintech in their fundraising

The Innovators

Companies and Institutions seeking to explore innovative use of Fintech and Blockchain instruments to grow their business.

The Futurist

Innovators and dream builders that seek partners and advisors for the Blockchain revolution.

In calm or volatile times , innovation and perseverance wins the day.